Business Entrepreneur & Commercialisation Program

The Business Entrepreneur Program is a Federal  Government initiative which provides professional advice and support to businesses operating in one of the five identified growth sectors, and access to a 

co-funded Business Growth Grant up to $20,000.


The identified growth sectors are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Food and Agri-business

  • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals

  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services

  • Oil, Gas and Energy Resources.

The Program gives Australian business quality advice and support to innovate and grow. It provides you with the best advice and networks to help you solve problems, grow and succeed.

What does it offer?

Practical support for businesses, including:

  • Advice from people with relevant private sector experience.

  • Support to bring research and innovation into your business.

  • Connection and collaboration opportunities with other businesses.

  • Assistance and co-funded grants to commercialise novel products, processes and services.

  • Services provided through funded incubators to assist innovative start-up companies to succeed in international markets.

The Programme offers flexible and tailored support through four elements:


1. Accelerating Commercialisation
Provides advice to help entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses to overcome the challenges of commercialising new products, processes and services.

There are also co-funded grants to support commercialisation activities.


2. Business Management
Provides help to improve your business management, capabilities and networks.

Services and grants include:


  • A Business Evaluation from an experienced Adviser. The service provides you with expert help to create a plan of action to improve and grow.

  • Growth Services provides you with intensive specialist support, advice and connections to help vercome barriers to growth.

  • Supply Chain Facilitation can help your business to participate in domestic and global supply chains. The service also helps you to better connect with your customers.

  • Tourism Partnerships brings together eligible tourism businesses that offer complementary products or services. The service will help businesses to reach their potential and realise benefits that they might not have access to as an individual entity.

There are also co-funded Business Growth Grants for up to $20,000. These grants help you get external expertise to implement the improvements recommended in your Business Evaluation, Supply Chain Facilitation or Growth Services report.

Download the Fact Sheet here


​​3. Incubator Support

Provides assistance to New and Existing Incubators to improve the prospects of Australian start-ups achieving commercial success in international markets. The initiative provides funding through two components to:

  • Support the development of new Incubators in regions or sectors with high potential for success in international trade.

  • Boost the effectiveness of high performing Incubators, including funding support to expand their services and/or develop the innovation ecosystem.

  • Provide access to top quality research, managerial and technical talent through secondments of national or international expert advisers who will improve the chance of commercial success for start-ups in international markets.

4. Innovation Connections
Is a facilitated service to help you:

  • Identify your research needs and opportunities.

  • Connect with sources of expertise, technology and advice.

  • Provide pathways to engage and collaborate with research sector. There are also matched funding grants for up to $50,000 to access research capability.

Who can apply?

For the purposes of the Accelerating Commercialisation, Business Management and Innovation Connections, a business will satisfy the sectoral eligibility criteria where it can demonstrate it:

  • is operating in one of the five growth sectors or provides enabling technologies, inputs or services to one of the five growth sectors; or

  • is committed to, and has the skills, capability, intellectual property or expertise to operate in, one or more of the five growth sectors in the future; or

  • is a tourism business operating in northern Australia

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Geoff Neil


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